Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Our Response when the waves come crashing down in our life?

What's our response when the waves come crashing down in our life?

Trust God (of course)!

How many times do we meet trouble half way? Get anxious when we see a trial brewing? Or a wave is anguish is about of crash down on us and we panic? Okay, maybe that's just me. Sometimes, when a potential difficult situation is arising, I forget my God--the all-powerful, amazing, omniscient God who loves me  enough to die for and who doesn't withhold any good thing from me. Yup, that's me. And as I scurry around in worry, what kind of witness as a child of God am I? 

As I watched this little boy brave the pounding waves by closing his eyes, clasping his hands in prayer, and calmly looking upward focusing only on his God, I was convicted. Whay would my life look like if that was my response to trials? How much more peace would I have in my daily life and walk with Christ?

As you take a breath today and ponder your response to trials, remember to be still and know that he's God (Pslam 46:10). 

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