Saturday, March 23, 2019

The lie...

A cold, clamminess washed over my body.

I broke out in a sweat.
Stunned, I stared at the monitor.
A teardrop ran down my cheek.
One of relief, yet one of sorrow.
Blinking my tears away I remembered how I had angrily defended my body as MY property, not property of the state where anyone could make medical decisions that affected MY body.
I was confident that since the child could not live outside of the womb before 12 weeks gestation, it was not a living thing—it was just tissue.
Now I realized I was wrong—dead wrong.
I was seven weeks pregnant.
The day before, I started to bleed.
Terrified, I rushed to the doctors.
Concerned and with worried eyes, they did an ultrasound and exhaled as they saw the screen.
I was fixated on the blinking number on the bottom right.
That number was the source of my tears…
It was a heartbeat—the heartbeat of my baby.
A tiny seahorse-shaped being, yet fully alive, with a strong beating heart.
It wasn’t tissue.
It was life.
I realized then I had been lied to and I had swallowed the deception whole.
I finally understood the truth: life begins at conception.
Although this isn't a video of my baby at 7 weeks (which was 18 years ago -- before the advent of smartphones) it's a video of a baby at 7 weeks, the same gestational time I had my ultrasound.
Years later as a became Christian, the reminder of this truth brings me to prayer…
Praying for our God to drop the scales from those who have also been deceived.
Yes, the body of the mother is to be held with the upmost value.
So is the body of the baby carried in the womb.
Both have equal rights.
Both are life.
Praying for a diametrical change in our view of life inside the womb.
Praying all humanity will see that a baby IS life, whether it resides inside or outside the womb.
Praying we would confess that a child’s life has value as well.
Praying for repentance as a nation that condones murder under the guise of abortion.
Praying for those who have believed the lie and have participated in an abortion.
Praying they would leave their pain at the foot of the cross with the knowledge that their sins have been fully paid.
Praying that they would no longer feel any condemnation, knowing that through their faith in their Savior Jesus Christ, they are forgiven.
Praying for peace and forgiveness for all who have participated in the act of abortion.
Praying for all of us, including Christians, to have mercy on those who have contributed to the performance of an abortion and the entire industry.
Praying for us to show love—to each other and especially to that little life inside the womb.
In Jesus’ precious name, I pray.

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